About the case of Polikarpos Georgiadis and Vagelis Hrisohoidis

Anti-authoritarians Polikarpos Georgiadis and Vagelis Hrisohoidis have been in prison since August 2008, accused of participation in the case of the kidnapping of a big industrialist, Giorgos Milonas in Thessaloniki. The comrades refuse any participation in the abduction, but state their solidarity and defend their relationship with a hunted person that is characterized by his dignity, the fugitive Vasilis Palaiokostas who is accused for the same case. In February 2010 they were sentenced in the first degree to 22 years.

After two postponements (March 9th, 2011, February 14th, 2012) the second appeal court starts on April 24th, 2012. The final outcome was that both comrades had their sentences reduced to 12 years and 10 months.

While the two comrades, being imprisoned since august 2008, have already purged 1/5 of their penalty since May 2012, and the appeal court for the case of the kidnapping of Mylonas ended on the same month, none of the requests of Polykarpos Georgiadis for leave have been accepted. The first apply was done on June 2012. On August 2012, he reiterates his request, receiving the same negative answer. The comrade takes the case to the judicial council of Kerkyra, where his request is again rejected, based on the justification that he was a fugitive before his arrest, which is not true. The fourth time, on January 2013, the answer is still negative, but this time the formal justification is that he might make wrong use of his leave, and  the informal one is that the state is afraid that he might participate in illegal political actions, since the political ambience is quite tensed (referring to the period of great repression against squats in Greece). Finally, on April 2013, after his fifth request, Polykarpos gets his first leave.

The comrades Vagellis and Polykarpos got released in August and September of 2013 respectively.

-Did someone speak of kidnapping?

 Court statement by Polykarpos Georgiadis – February 2010

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