(Deutsch) Kurzes Update über den anarchistischen Revolutionär Theofilos Mavropoulos

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Text by Yannis Dimitrakis – 3/8/2012

On August 2nd, nearly 45 cops from various police units stormed Exarchia square, detained anarchist Yannis Dimitrakis from a café on Tsamadou Street where he was having his coffee, and then transferred him to Athens police headquarters. After several hours, the comrade was released. Here is a text he wrote the next day about his detention:

The following incident is definitely not going to surprise many people – as such incidents have become part of an everyday life that is full of similar events.

Of course I am only referring to yet another incident of violence and repression, quite aggressive towards me, an outcome of the accelerated activity of fascist gangs/DELTA and DIAS police motorcycle units in the centre of Athens but also wherever the long arm of the law may reach.

The story has highly vindictive features since my abduction, from a coffee shop . . . → Συνέχεια: Text by Yannis Dimitrakis – 3/8/2012