Letter from Panayiotis Masouras

On Wednesday September 23 and at 8.15 as I was leaving my house in Galatsi on my way to the gym, I was arrested by 25 persons of the anti-terrorist squad.

In a matter of seconds I found myself on the sidewalk, hands cuffed behind my back, while at the same time they were informing their senior officers that “everything went well” and that they “have me”. I was taken to the 12th floor of Police Headquarters (note: anti-terrorist division). The next day I am informed that at the same time with me another two friends of mine have also been arrested.

In the meantime the show has already started. Without any sleep for 48 hours and physically exhausted, with my face to the wall and then a long questionnaire following, while at the same time some police officer goes from office to office announcing in a delirium of pleasure that what . . . → Συνέχεια: Letter from Panayiotis Masouras

(Ελληνικά) Κείμενο-καταγγελία του Χ. Στρατηγόπουλου στον υπουργό δικαιοσύνης Χ. Καστανίδη

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About the case of Christos Stratigopoulos

On October 1st, 2009, after a bank robbery in Trikala, anarchists Christos Stratigopoulos and Alfredo Bonanno are arrested in relation to the case. Christos Stratigopoulos from the very start takes on the sole responsibility for this expropriation. On November 22nd, 2010 the two anarchists are tried for the case. Ch. Stratigopoulos is sentenced for armed robbery to 8 years and for 3 misdemeanors to 9 months, without parole. A. Bonanno is sentenced as an accomplice to 4 years of prison and is consequently set free, but is then deported based on a presidential decree as a persona non grata and is forbidden to re-enter the country for 10 years.

In July 2011, while still in prison, Christos receives a new case file in regards to a second bank robbery that took place on the island of Cephalonia in July 2009. The comrade was charged for this robbery based on . . . → Συνέχεια: About the case of Christos Stratigopoulos