Concerning the solidarity fund for prisoners in struggle

The Solidarity fund for prisoners in struggle is a collective project initiated by comrades in July 2010.

The aim of the solidarity fund is to contribute, primarily, to the material needs of people who find themselves imprisoned for their subversive actions or their general participation in social struggles.

To the extent that this is possible, the fund also aims at supporting people whose continuous and persistent stance within prison has been one characterized by dignity, solidarity and struggle. The solidarity fund is formed on a greece-wide level, is based on small monthly contributions from as many people as possible within or outside the anarchist/anti-authoritarian milieu and its effectiveness will be evaluated by its capability to function over a long period of time.

Other projects part of the solidarity fund include the publication of the periodical “Storming the Bastille: voices from the inside” with texts written . . . → Συνέχεια: Concerning the solidarity fund for prisoners in struggle

Text from anarchist Yiannis Dimitrakis in regards to the prisoners’ solidarity fund

During the last period, the larger part of the society of this country is experiencing an inconceivable attack in its extent and intensity by the mechanisms of repression and exploitation of human life and toil. The new-order socioeconomic plans are commanding the complete leveling of labour, social and political conquests for which continuous and fierce struggles had taken place in the past decades. The forming of social consent for the unobstructed advent of the supranational economic elites is enforced now through the rationale of the stick- the illusion of the carrot having now come to an end- coming down on the backs of the people and of zero tolerance against anyone who resists.

Naturally the anarchist milieu could not but be a receiver of this attack, a milieu who, battling on the front line of the defensive-attack against the looting and blackmailing assaults made by the class enemies of society, is . . . → Συνέχεια: Text from anarchist Yiannis Dimitrakis in regards to the prisoners’ solidarity fund

Letter from Christos Politis – Some very first thoughts on my detention

Some very first thoughts on my detention

1. This letter does not constitute an overall political analysis of the anti-terrorist operation which began on December 4th, but rather a first political reading of my detention; of its meanings and wider aims.

2. It is a fact that I find myself in prison exactly because I am an anarchist; because for 15 years now I am continuously active through this radical political element. A reading of the legal documents of my case, together with the cynical statement by the chief of the greek police – that I was arrested because I was released in the High-court case*- are indisputable proof of this. I find myself locked up here, and I am deeply convinced of this, for our reactions to the murder of Christoforos Marinos in ’96, for the barricades outside the examination centres in ’98, for the . . . → Συνέχεια: Letter from Christos Politis – Some very first thoughts on my detention

About the 4th of December “anti-terrorist” operation

On December 4th, 2010, a wide “anti-terrorist” operation took place with comrades being detained and police raids on houses, resulting in the pre-trial imprisonment of Giorgos Karagiannidis, Alexandros Mitrousias, Kostas Sakkas, Stella Antoniou, Dimitris Mihail and Christos Politis. The cops had already targeted and accused the 2 first aforementioned people for the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire case following the arrests that took place in Halandri in the Autumn of 2009, while now they tried to capitalize on the operation using various speculations and scenarios and presented it through the media as an operation by which they dismantled, more all less, all known armed groups. Although their scenarios were not confirmed, they went on to provocatively apply the anti-terrorist law and for the first time they set up a case about participation in a “terrorist group” without naming the group and about “terrorist” action without considering it necessary . . . → Συνέχεια: About the 4th of December “anti-terrorist” operation