Solidarity text about the hunger strike of anarchist K.Sakkas started at 4.6.2013

 “They are the same mechanisms, and the same persons behind them, who are actual perpetrators of the legitimacy of forced return to work for strikers, the same who are primary responsible for the thousands of property auctions and the homeless, for the abolition of labour demands, for the unemployed, for the abolition of social benefits, for the thousands living below the poverty line, for hundreds of suicides every year by those who, unable to cope decently, put an end to their lives.

They are actual perpetrators of the legitimacy of declaring people illegal and piling them up in camps.

They are responsible of classifying tortures and beatings at police stations, accidental gun discharges, the silencing of anti-regime media as legitimate…

They are responsible for creating a cemetery society in the name of law, and when it’s necessary, for establishing a cemetery society outside the law…

Steeped in hypocrisy and nastiness, despicable to both the devotees of bourgeois justice and its detractors and ideological enemies.”

Kostas Sakkas, first wing in Koridallos prison



At 4/12/2010 K. Sakkas and A.Mitrousias were arrested outside a warehouse at N. Smirni, in which armament was found. From the first moment K.S admits his connection with the warehouse and the armament while stating that he is an anarchist. Furthermore he claims that the founds relate to his political identity and choices.

At 7/12/2010 they order his pretrial detention with the charges of participation in unknown terrorist organization and aggravated weapon possession. The charges upgrade to participation in  R.O. Conspiracy of Cells of Fire although there was no further investigation or new clues. Obviously that happened because the charge of participation in unknown organization with no actions in the past could not be supported.

At 6/4/2012, just before the end of the first pretrial detention he was ordered for second time in pretrial detention, accused of 160 attacks which R.O. CCF has taken the responsibility. In this application there was no mention in the name of comrade K.S. or any clues against him. Actually, he was set twice in pretrial detention for the same case in order not to release him.

In April 2012 just before the second pretrial detention is over, the attorney Moraitakis suggests Sakkas should stay in prison for 6 more months without  any justification of his proposal. According to the existing laws, this is illegal because every pretrial detention except the first, cannot last more than 12 months. The proposal of Moraitakis is being examined by a council of appellate judges in which the head is A.Kakkava. Kakkava accepts attorneys’ proposal and so, she decides the extension of Sakkas being in prison without being sentenced. Kakkavia is also responsible for the first hunger strike of Sakkas, Mitrousias, Karagiannidis because she was the one who decided the prolongation of the second pretrial detention and she didn’t accept their release with restrictive terms.

In 4/6/2013, the maximum time of Sakkas’ pretrial detention is over. His choice was to start hunger strike in order to demand immediate release. That is part of his struggle about personal and collective freedom.

This prosecution of our comrade is part of the whole political situation, as it is formed in this condition of economic crisis. Power has more and more totalitarian characteristics and tries, using dogma of “iron fist”, to necessitate and ruin every voice of resistance. Prosecutions of fighters, longtime penalties, restrictive terms, the upgrade of legal armory, prohibition of demonstrations the suppressive mechanisms try to enforce in every healthy part of society, everyone that raises against the authorities.

From the invasions of EKAM in prisons, squats, whole areas (Chalkidiki-Skouries) and detentions of residents who resist, requisitions of strikers, kidnapping of political refugees, tortures in police stations and detention centers for immigrants, are all characteristics of the same system. The tactics of violence and exploitation against a huge part of the society.

Against this condition, resistance is the only decent choice. Resistance can be expressed in every struggle, every form and moment of clash and opposition on the plans of dominants.

We, on our side, we are consciously on the side of our comrade, consciously on the side of those who choose to resist!











 Assembly of Solidarity Coordination