About the case of Simos Seisidis

On the 3rd of May 2010 the anarchist Simos Seisidis is shot from behind by a cop and is arrested heavily wounded. The comrade has been a target for the repressive mechanisms for over 15 years, due to his diverse anarchist action. After the January 2006 expropriation of the National bank on Solonos street- during which the anarchist Y. Dimitrakis was arrested – a series of police leaks begin, based on inexistent evidence. The anti-terrorist unit and the media present Yiannis Dimitrakis’ comrades Simos and Marios Seisidis and Grigoris Tsironis as accomplices, forcing them to become fugitives.

From that moment on, the state set up against them all the ideological and police fabrications regarding “anti-terrorism” and the repression of the internal enemy; participation in bank robberies, snatching weapons, a leading role in armed groups, the creation of a “revolutionary fund”, connections with “criminals”. The apex of this long lasting targeting was the US-style bounty of 600.000 euros placed on the 3 comrades by the then minister of public order M. Hrisohoidis.

Within this context the comrade S. Seisidis was shot during his attempt to escape a police control, by a cop who had taken cover behind a car. This fact, in combination with the brutality the comrade faced at the time of his arrest (broken ribs, swollen face due to the beatings resulting in even people close to him not recognizing him), his delayed transfer to the hospital, the initially negligent treatment of his wound and the continuous presence of every type of cop in the ambulance, in the recovery room, even in the surgery, led to the deterioration of his health and finally to the amputation of his leg.

Simos remains incarcerated in the Koridallos prison hospital, convicted in total for two cases and on remand for another three. On the 30/3/2011 he will be tried in the first degree in regards to the January 2006 National Bank robbery and six additional bank robberies.