Letter from Rami Syrianos in regards to his case

Without a doubt, we are living through a period where the living conditions in this world are being renegotiated in their totality. Capitalism’s gleaming shop window has been shattered to reveal what lies behind: a process of putrefaction and decadence. Democratic hopes and capitalist promises are being ousted alongside the fictitious prosperity -through loans- of capitalism’s golden age experienced in previous decades; at the same time the “promised land”—complete with private swimming pool, two cars, and four televisions— is replaced by a gray desert of depression, desperation, insecurity, and fear. Domination, in a demonstration of its more then efficient flexibility, is withdrawing toward a new kind of digitally programmed totalitarianism, and is creating bulwarks by setting up new police units, biometric databases, and even newer, more elastic “antiterrorist” laws—all in an attempt to steel itself against the enemy within, which is threatening the ever-so-fragile social peace. The transparent . . . → Συνέχεια: Letter from Rami Syrianos in regards to his case