About the case of Aris Seirinidis

Comrade Aris Seirinidis was arrested on the evening of May 3rd, 2010 in the centre of Athens, at a police check-point set up for an irrelevant to him case. Initially he faced a misdemeanor charge but in the end the anti-terrorist unit pulled out a forgotten case related to the shooting of a police riot van in the area of Exarchia in the summer of 2009, which became known by the media as “the case of the pistolero with the sombrero and flip flops” (due to the attire worn by the person that carried out the shooting). The main “evidence” against Aris was the matching of DNA taken from his wallet after his arrest with DNA found on one of the many surgical mask strewn around Exarchia (due to a demo and rioting that had taken place in the summer of 2009, exactly the previous to the incident day) that was collected on the day of the shooting. Aris Seirinidis’ trial in the first degree is set for the 9th of March 2011

Letter from Aris Seirinidis, Koridallos prisons 

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